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Zrist DX

Zrist DX will captivate you with its fast-paced gameplay and ever-changing rules. Overcome a series of obstacles while adapting to dynamic environments.

Avoid all dangers in Zrist DX

Similar experience to Color Tunnel, you need to avoid various hazards as you become familiar with the game's shifting rules. Run, jump, and slide over obstacles while following the simple instructions. Earn points throughout your journey and use them to unlock amazing skins from the in-game store. With over seventy levels, each offering unique gameplay styles and challenges, you'll have plenty of opportunities to test your skills.

How to control the plane

To play Zrist DX, simply use the X key or left-click to jump, and the C key or right-click to slide. It's an arcade action-adventure game that provides hours of fun and challenges.

Compete with many opponents

The game features an exciting and enjoyable board game experience. Along the way, you'll encounter interesting characters and compete against a multitude of other players. If you manage to reach position 100 on the leaderboard, you can advance to the next round.

Zrist DX offers a range of features to keep you engaged. Prepare to face the toughest obstacles that can hinder your progress. Compete against a diverse community of gamers and strive for the top scores. Unlock new skins to customize your experience and showcase your achievements.