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Death Run 3D

Welcome to one of the most exciting running games featuring the first-person perspective named Death Run 3D. Get ready to enter a neon tunnel and experience the feeling of an adrenaline rush.

Noteworthy information about Death Run 3D

The interesting gameplay

It is undeniable that this fast-paced game has an interesting gameplay ever. In specific, this game has a design of a special light tunnel. This tunnel contains a lot of unmoveable and moveable blocks. In a mysterious basement, your task is to run non-stop while increasing your speed. However, like Tunnel Rush, you must not collide with those blocks because you will die when it happens. It seems that this light tunnel has no stopping. Let's try to run as far as possible and get the high point on the leaderboard. Use your arrow keys to conduct this task. Remember that your ultimate objective is first to explore the ending point of the light tunnel.

Four tracks

The fast-paced game has four tracks for players to enjoy. Let's explore each track!

Maelstrom: It can be said that this track is the easiest level because it contains fewer obstacles than the other tracks. In addition, The running speed on this track is also designed with the slowest among the four tracks. If you are a new player, this will be the most suitable track for you to get used to the pace and controls in the game. Play on the Maelstrom track to practice your reflex.

Superluminal: When players choose this track to play, they will see that this track is more difficult than the first track Maelstrom. In specific, there are many movable square blocks which suddenly appear during the playing. From the walls of the tunnel, they will make you surprised and you aren't able to reflex in time to avoid them. As a result, you collide with them, and the game ends.

Hyper Maelstrom: This track provides a color tunnel containing a large number of obstacles. They will appear more frequently and denser. Besides, the running speed also becomes faster than it was in the Maelstrom track. If you feel the speed in Maelstrom has not been challenged, Hyper Maelstrom will be the place for you.

Hyper Superluminal: The challenge in this track is quite similar to the Superluminal. However, it is obvious that this track is the more difficult version of Superluminal. The running speed and the obstacles will give you the feeling of challenge ever.

Some questions about Death Run 3D

Who is the developer of the game?

Kevin.wang is the developer of this running game. The developer created this game on July 22, 2021.

Where I can play Death Run 3D?

With a smart device such as a computer, laptop, or mobile, you can play this game everywhere.

Can children play this game?

Death Run 3D doesn't limit who cannot play this game. Therefore, all people of every age and gender have the right to play this free game.