Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a thrilling running game with unlimited levels. Let's test your quick reaction by running in a tunnel full of dangers at an incredible speed.

The playing rules of Tunnel Rush

This game offers thrill seekers a wonderful running race in the endless tunnel. Join it now and prove that you are the best runner. Here are the guidelines for playing this running game.

Run in an endless tunnel

At the start of the game, you need to enter your nickname. then, click the Play button to start your running race. Your racetrack will be a tunnel that is full of obstacles. These obstacles have different shapes and are located in unpredictable positions. Moreover, they rotate constantly. Crashing into the obstacles will result in death. Therefore, your mission is to move to the left or right to dodge these dangerous obstacles. Your target is to reach the light door. After entering this door, you will move to another tunnel with a different background. Your level also rises when you reach this light door. Whenever you move to the next level, your speed will increase a little bit. This will increase the challenging degree of the game. You will find it hard to evade obstacles while running at a fast speed. If you want to run the farthest distance and reach the highest level, quick reflexes and fingers are significant factors. Play the game every day to practice your reflex.

While playing this game, you need to pay attention to three indicators. They are the distance, the level, and the speed indicator. If you want to know how far you have run, look at the distance indicator at the top left of the screen. At the top middle of the screen, you can see your level. Finally, when you look at the top right of the screen, you can see the speed indicator which shows how fast you are running.

How to control


Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.


Tap the left or right of the screen to move left or right.

Tactics to run far in Tunnel Rush

This fast-paced game requires not only quick reflexes but also effective strategies. Here are some tips which will help you conquer the tunnel in this game easily.

Move in the opposite direction of the obstacles

The first tactic is to run in the opposite direction of the obstacles. It is the best way which is highly recommended by skillful players. For example, if the obstacles rotate in a clockwise direction, you should move in the anti-clockwise direction to evade them. Similarly, if they rotate in the anti-clockwise direction, you can run in the clockwise direction to dodge them. Do not try to move in a similar direction with them as this can make you crash into them.

Plan your moves in advance

The second tip is to plan your moves before reaching the obstacles. As soon as you see them from a far distance, you must plan to move left or right to avoid hitting them. Then, when you approach the obstacles, all you need to do is to follow your plan. In contrast, if you do not build any plan to avoid obstacles in advance, you will feel confused and hit them easily. Remember that you also need to avoid sudden movements. Any sudden movement will break your plan and lead to death.

Reasons you should try playing Tunnel Rush

A colorful and endless tunnel

One appealing thing in this game is the tunnel. This tunnel is divided into many parts. Each part represents a level. Moreover, whenever entering a new part of the tunnel, you can easily realize that the patterns on the wall of the tunnel change. In general, the tunnel in this game is decorated beautifully. The patterns on the wall of the tunnel are colorful and eye-catching. This will make a strong visual impression on all players. When playing this game, you will feel that you are lost in the world of art.

The first-person perspective

Another interesting thing in the game is the first-person perspective. Unlike other running games which require you to control characters, this game will give you a chance to become the protagonist. This allows you to observe everything in the tunnel close and clearly. The developer designed the first-person perspective with the aim of offering the most immersive feel for players. You can feel more excited when running in the tunnel and scared when crashing into the obstacles.

The leaderboard

Finally, you must pay attention to the leaderboards to know what your rank is. There are four kinds of leaderboards including daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. These leaderboards will appear after the game is over. In particular, the data on these leaderboards will be refreshed after you play. Therefore, the newest and highest score will be shown on them. When looking at these leaderboards, you can know the ranks, names, and scores of the top 10 best players in a day, a week, a month, and all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many levels are there in Tunnel Rush?

There are unlimited challenging levels in this game. You need to get to the light entrance to win a level. The difficulty, the speed, and the number of hazards will increase when you step into a higher level. If you, unfortunately, hit the traps, you have to start from level 1 again.

2. What's the highest record in the game?

If you look at the all-time leaderboard, you can see that the highest record is 5570 m. A player called Gary excellently gets this score and the first rank on the leaderboard. Can you beat this highest record and dominate the leaderboards? Play the game and show me now.

3. Where can I play this game?

You can play Tunnel Rush unblocked on the web browser. It can be accessed on PC, Android, and iOS devices for free. This fast-paced game will bring a dangerous but thrilling adventure. Are you ready for it?