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Temple Run 2

One of the most famous classic endless running games is Temple Run 2. Escaping from the dangerous ancient monster is your aim in this running game.

The information on Temple Run 2

This game is the next part of the Temple Run game. The success of the first part was the foundation for this part 2 to be released. This game has just been updated on Mar 31, 2023. Like the first version and the Death Run 3D game, players are in an endless escape. Run without stopping if you don't want the monster to catch and eat you. On the running way, you conduct different movements with the aim of avoiding dangerous obstacles. For example, jumping broken bridges or fire areas to avoid falling down. It's better if you collect useful things such as gold coins or a protective shield.

Control: WASD and arrow keys are the necessary controls for the game on the desktop. If you play on a mobile device, let's swipe the screen.

Common Questions about Temple Run 2

What is the highest record of this game?

According to some documents that the game revealed, Thymufasa707 in the USA is the player who has the highest core with 67,702,984 points.

When did the game come out?

This endless running was developed on January 16, 2013 by Imangi Studios. Until now 2023, the game is 10 years old.

What platform can we play the game on?

It's available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows Phone, and Windows Phone 8.