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G-Switch 3

Have you ever entered a zero-gravity environment? G-Switch 3 which is a running game that simulates this special environment, will bring an unforgettable experience.

Run in the zero-gravity environment

As I said earlier, this game provides a zero-gravity environment in which there is a special racetrack. In specific, this special racetrack has many broken places and deadly obstacles. Your mission is to avoid all these broken places and deadly obstacles. Continue to run as far as possible. When your character runs to these places, you have to jump over another track to continue your running. Remember that your character has no ability to stop. Therefore, it is necessary to have a quick reflex.

One thing you have to know when playing this game is that your character will double when it runs through a light line. As a result, you have to control 2 stickmen at the same time. Especially, it's so hard to conquer the track when the obstacles they encounter are different. More specifically, if a stickman unfortunately dies or falls off the track, the game cannot continue.

Game modes of G-Switch 3

There are two game modes including Endless and Multiplayer. In the Endless mode, players take part in a racetrack that has no stopping point. Try to run as far as possible and get the highest point you can. In the Multiplayer mode, any 8 players will compete together and try to find out who has the highest score. You also can compete against the computer if you want.

Some common questions in G-Switch 3

Who is the developer of the game?

Serius Games and Vasco Freitas are the developers and publishers of this G-Switch game series. These are the famous game developers in the online game market. When the first version was released, it attracted millions of players with this interesting and strange gameplay. After many years, the game is updated into G-Switch 3 in 2023.

Why can the character run in the game?

As you can know, it is very difficult to move in zero gravity. So why can our character run so easily on the track? The reason is that the game character is equipped with a modern device that allows it to run when having a fulcrum. This is a reason why the Stickman character looks like a robot if you don't look closely.

Is the G-Switch 3 game free?

The answer is that the game is totally free. This game supports players to play on all platforms like in the Tunnel Rush game. Let's use your smart devices to enter the zero-gravity environment right away!

Is the game unblocked?

This running game is completely unblocked. You can play it at every place from the school to the hospital.