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Drift Hunters

As a driving game lover or one who loves speed, you must play Drift Hunters right now. This 3D drifting game will never let you down. Enter the game and experience a smooth arcade-racer feel. In particular, you will not be limited to one racing mode in this game.

The game rules

As I mentioned earlier, this game belongs to a 3D drifting game. In this game, you will own a great car and drift it yourself on different great tracks. To conduct the activity of drifting the car, let's use your arrow keys or the WASD keys to steer the direction of your car. During the drifting, there are some places on the track where you have to release the speed of the car. That's the time you need to use the car's handbrake. The space bar will help you make it work. Besides, if you want to change the camera position to observe the surroundings, use the C keys. Finally, the left shift and left Ctrl will assist you to shift up gears and shift down gears.

Exciting features of the Drift Hunters game

A variety of cars

There are a lot of different famous cars in the real life that you can enjoy in this game. Some ultimate cars we can list here are BMW M3, Toyota Supra, Honda S2000, Ford Fiesta ST, Nissan 370Z, etc. Of course, you are not able to choose those cars freely. Start the game, you just have the right to use a normal car. After a while, you own a certain amount of money and you can buy them. Let's notice the most expensive car which is The Porsche 911 GT (993). The fastest car named The Nissan GT-R (R25) is a great choice.

Great customize feature

Everyone has their own driving habits. That's why this game has a custom feature to suit each one. Before you start a drift, check your car and adjust it. Access Parts, Tuning, Visuals, and Options to adjust turbo, brake balance, front camber, rear offset, and more.

Some common questions about Drift Hunters

Who is the developer of the game?

Studionum43 (Ilya Kaminetsky) which is a famous developer, created this drifting game on February 2017.

Where can players play this game?

All people are able to play this game everywhere because this game is supported by HTML5 (Unity WebGL). Especially, this game is unblocked at special places like schools or hospitals.

Is Drift Hunters free-to-play?

Absolutely, this is designed for everyone to play without spending their money like the Tunnel Rush game. Just need a mobile, computer, or tablet which are connected to the internet, as a result, players can access it.