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Subway Surfers Tokyo

Welcome to Subway Surfers Tokyo which is one of the most popular parts of the Subway Surfers game series. Let's explore Tokyo while experiencing the thrilling running game.

What do you do in the Subway Surfers Tokyo game?

The mission

This game talks about a naughty character who is in the Tokyo subway. He use the paint cans to draw something on trains. At this game, a guard sees his activities and chases him. Your mission is to assist the naughty character to escape from the guard. By using basic controls such as the arrow keys and WASD keys, his movement will be controlled.

How to control

  • Left arrow key or A = turn left
  • Right arrow key or D = turn right
  • Up arrow key or W = Jump
  • Down arrow key or S = Roll
  • Space = Activate hoverboard

Some more information that players need to know

Subway Surfers

As I mentioned earlier, Subway Surfers Tokyo belongs to the Subway Surfers game series. So what do you know about it? It can be said that Subway Surfers is a world tour as you will conduct your adventure in different places in the world. From Tokyo, and Bali, to Paris, you will enjoy many world-famous cities in this game series. Each part of Subway Surfers brings players unique experiences although the background of each is similar.

Game developer

Kiloo and SYBO Games is the developer of this kind of game. It has been launched for many years and the latest update is on March 31, 2023.

Design of Subway Surfers Tokyo

The context of this game is a subway in Tokyo. Therefore, it brings the characteristics of Tokyo. For example, players will enjoy the view of the ocean while running along the subway. Besides, there are many cherry blossoms on either side which are the symbolic flowers of Japan.

Upgrade features

While running to escape the guard, players should control their character to collect gold coins. These coins can help you upgrade or buy power-ups such as Super Sneakers, Jetpack, and Coin Magnet. Besides, you can customize your character. Your auto character is a boy who wears a hat. However, your game character can be changed into others such as a girl or a ninja. Let's access the menu section and buy the characters you like.

Tips and tricks to play the game

  • Keep an eye out for obstacles to avoid them in time.
  • Collect gold coins to be able to upgrade or buy power-ups which will help you to overcome obstacles and collect gold coins easier.
  • Practice every day to get used to the pace as well as the environment. Conquer the subway and escape the pursuit of the guard. Then, you can experience adventures in other places or play Tunnel Rush to experience the tunnel of light.