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Drive Mad

What is Drive Mad?

The game belongs to the kind of driving game in which a hundred of driving racetracks will be provided. It is developed by Martin Magni which is a famous game developer in the online game market. This game has been out for a long time and has just been updated, but it really exploded in 2022. Currently, along with the popularity of Tunnel Rush, this driving game is still a hot topic in the online gaming world. In this game, players are required to drive a car to overcome all racetracks. Are you ready to take part in the strange driving challenge in the Drive Mad game? Conquer different challenging roads to prove your master in driving skills.

Great information about Drive Mad players have to know

100 racetracks in the game

The game provides 100 different racetracks or 100 levels in another way. Through the endless driving process you will be awarded the title of driving master, this will be a worthy achievement for you. Start from level 1 with normal and basic terrain. It's easy to conquer some beginning levels because they just need normal movement. However, you will feel a challenging feeling when you enter level 4 with the Ramp Up track. Overcoming difficult terrain at this level, many more dangerous terrains are waiting for you to explore.

A variety of cars in Drive Mad

The available vehicle that you use in this game will be an off-road vehicle. However, there are many vehicles with amazing features available in this driving game. However, players have to reach a certain level to unlock or upgrade a car. For example, you can use a jet airplane with no handbrake when reaching level 39. Level 43 provides an excavator.

How to control

It can be said that controlling your beloved car in this game is quite easy. You use W or up arrow key to go forward and use S or down arrow key to go back. However, getting to the destination is a difficult thing. Let's practice and play again and again to master.

Difficulties in Drive Mad

The game seems simple and easy to conquer, but it is not as simple as you think. Here are a few typical challenges you encounter while playing:

  • Vehicle balance: Controlling the car is easy, but you may have trouble balancing it. The car is very easy to overturn if you move quickly when getting off slopes. It even happens when you get up the slopes.
  • Dangerous terrains of racetracks: You can come across all kinds of race tracks in this game. For example, you have to cross a broken bridge or control your car to climb up and down the stair-liked terrains.