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Get ready to transform into a snake and take part in a deadly arena in the Gulper.io game. Trying to be the biggest and strongest one is your objective.

Deadly arena in Gulper.io

Gulper.io is an arcade and survival game designed and inspired by the classic snake game. In this game, you can choose your favorite snake and name it. After owning a name for your snake, you participate in a limited arena in the game immediately. The process is similar to the Tunnel Rush game. Developing this snake to be the biggest and strongest snake ever is your duty. So why is this arena called the Deathly Arena?

The cruel process of being the strongest one is the reason. In order to complete this aim, your snake needs to absorb surrounding energetic particles. They have the effect of making your snake bigger and longer. Besides, energetic particles in this arena are unlimited. In particular, there is another form of energy that helps your goals succeed faster. However, this is also what makes this arena a death arena.

Each snake will transform into special energetic particles after death. If other snakes eat them, the growth will speed up. Therefore, conspiracy and traps with the aim of killing other opponents appear on all sides. You are the one among them. Let's plan a great strategy to complete your goal.

Private arena or an International arena in the game

Players can join a private arena or an international arena. This is a great feature of this survival game that many other games have none.

  • In the international arena, you will compete with other online players or snakes around the world. This kind of arena is set already. Therefore, you just put your name and press enter to participate.
  • The private arena is considered a room that you or your friends create to play. In order to take part in a private room, you write a symbol and the ID of the room right after your name.

Tips and tricks to play

  • You are just a small snake at the beginning of the game, so stay away from other opponents and grow your snake to a certain extent. Look at the small map in the right corner to see the positions of other snakes.
  • It's highly recommended that you attack the smaller snakes.
  • The circle that surrounds the arena has a deadly feature, don't collide with it.
  • Encircling the opponent and shrinking the siege is the best and most effective strategy to destroy the opponent.