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Tiny Fishing

About Tiny Fishing

Do you have experience in fishing? What do you think about a virtual fishing game? In Tiny Fishing, you will have to go fishing in a bottomless lake.

Practice skills in a tiny fishing game

The game does not read more naturally. Click exactly to get the highest depth determination when you drop the hook. That also marks the amount of gold you get more or less.

Tip games

If you want to catch a larger fish, the hook upgrade is essential. You can visit the fishing store and purchase your favorite hook. Be a real fisherman, and experience virtual fishing to get unexpected joy with relatives and friends.

The attraction of the game

Upgrades in the game

There are more upgrades in the game, that will give you more money

  • After the limit you achieve.
  • The amount of fish you have caught
  • Money earned after each ad
  • Collect from random goldfish


  • Click to mouse to move the fishing rod if on the PC.
  • Press directly on the screen if using a tablet or other smart devices