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Geometry Dash Lite

Are you ready to run, jump, and fly in the thrilling Geometry Dash Lite game? Let's overcome thousands of obstacles and experience exciting adventures.

The background of the game

As many people may know, Geometry Dash Lite is originally from and belong to the Geometry Dash game series. So what is Geometry Dash? and why is it so welcome?

Geometry Dash is the first part of this game series and belongs to the kind of scratch game. In specific, the game provides many different environments with different challenges. It requires players to control a geometric cube to overcome all those obstacles. The geometric cube runs with increasing speed, so players will experience the feeling challenging but cannot stop.

Compare Geometry Dash Lite and Geometry Dash

This game is the innovative version of the original version or Geometry Dash. This game is not the newest version, but it is considered the most welcomed part so far. The reason is that this scratch game owns special things that others have none. The newer part provides more characters than the first one. Besides, the difficulty of the game also increases in an attractive way. This feature is similar to the Tunnel Rush game. Of course, there are similar things between the two in the mission, objective, and how to control the character. When playing both two versions, players have the chance to enjoy thrilling adventures.

Characters in Geometry Dash Lite

Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot, and Spider are seven interesting characters that the game offers for players to experience. Each time you control your character reaching a portal, your game character will change to be suitable for the environment. Let's learn details about each character:

  • The Cube character is the first character you experience when you play this game. it will run normally according to the slope of the game. When you conduct the jumpings, this cube character will rotate.
  • The Ship character features the ability to fly in the air. This character will appear in an environment that cannot move on the ground. To go through this environment, let's click the left mouse button to control the Ship flying up. Release the left mouse button to help the Ship fly down.
  • The Ball character is quite similar to the Cube character when both will move along the slope of the environment. However, the movement of the Cube character is running while the movement of the Ball character is rolling.
  • The UFO character is a game character which has also the ability to fly. The way to control this character is similar to the Ship character. Let's use your computer mouse.
  • The Wave character has a special way of moving. It moves in a zigzag way of flying like waves in the ocean. However, it is considered the thing that makes the game unique.
  • The Robot character offers the image of a regular robot trying to run and jump over barriers. The left mouse button and the space bar will support players to control the jumping movement of this robot.
  • The Spider character brings the image of an ordinary spider that we often see in real life. Use its legs to move and experience exciting adventures that spiders have never had.