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Run 3

Get ready to explore a new galaxy in the Run 3 game. Controlling an alien to run and jump in an endless space tunnel is the way to conduct your adventure.

Description of Run 3

How to play

The gameplay of this game is similar to the Slope Run game. Instead of controlling a ball in Slope Run, an alien is what you need to navigate. Running through a dangerous endless space tunnel and avoiding holes there are your missions. Let's remember that the space bar is for jumping. The left and right arrow keys are for running left and right. Have you a great time!

Game modes

Explore Mode and Infinite Mode are two game modes in Run 3.

  • In Explore Mode, lots of new tunnels and areas will be explored in this mode. Explore more and more to add more levels to your Galaxy Map.
  • In Infinite Mode, there is no level in this mode. Do your best to avoid all the dangerous things and go as far as possible.

Upgrade the character in Run 3

A lot of different characters with different skins are provided in the game. However, you are just able to use them when you unlock them. Get a high score and get a certain level in Explore mode to unlock it. For example, except for the default character, the first character you can experience is on level 10. The second character is on level 40 of the Explore mode. In addition, you can buy them in the Shop section if you have enough money.