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Slope Run

Get ready to run in the endless tunnel in the 3D game named Slope Run. Control a ball running from one planet to another while enjoying the galaxy.

What is the Slope Run game?

As you may already know, this is a 3D endless-running game developed by the game developer, Greenlight. This is a new developer in the online game market. However, Greenlight has had certain achievements and has a reputation in this field thanks to great game products such as Slope Run or Run 3. In this running game, you will be responsible for controlling the movement of a ball in a tunnel so that it does not fall into the air.

Description of the tunnel in the game

The basic characteristic of tunnel

Like the Tunnel Rush game, the tunnel is considered an endless tunnel because no one has discovered the end of the tunnel. In this tunnel, there are many holes and uncertain platforms. The unstable platforms will crumble if your character ball rolls on them. If you do not control your ball in time to a safe position, the ball will fall into the air and the game is over. In particular, the farther the ball character goes, the more holes and unstable platforms appear.

The great things in the tunnel

This tunnel in the air contains a lot of gold coins. Navigate the ball to the location of the gold coins to collect them. In addition, you can change the skins of the ball to different colors. The different colored platforms in the tunnel have that effect.

Game Modes of Slope Run

The Level Mode and Infinite Mode are two game modes you are able to enjoy in this 3D endless-running game. Each mode provides players with unique experiences and feelings. Besides, in each game mode, players can access the leaderboard to see who is the best player. However, there are some different things between both of them that you should know about:

  • In Level Mode, the game is divided into many levels. Start with level 1 at a slow pace, jump over platforms, and progress to the next levels. When you reach a certain level, you can explore different planets. For example, level 16 will give you an icy world, or level 28 a dark world.
  • In Infinite Mode, endless races are waiting for you. Space tunnels with dangerous platforms are always ready for you to experience. It is easy to see that holes and unstable platforms appear dense. It is also considered that this mode is more difficult than the level mode.

How to play

  • Desktop control: Players use the WASD or arrow keys to conduct the ball's movement such as redirecting the ball or jumping.
  • Mobile control: Swipe the mobile screen in different directions to control the ball.