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Color Tunnel

Color Tunnel navigates through an endless tunnel of vibrant colors. Compete for scores and share them with this game's community of players.

A unique twist on Color Tunnel

You must not only navigate through the twisting and turning tunnel but also face additional obstacles and hazards along the way. Be prepared to encounter moving barriers, sudden drops, rotating platforms, and other surprises that will put your reflexes and agility to the ultimate test.

The objective remains the same: guide your colorful ball through the tunnel, avoiding collisions with the barriers and walls of different colors. However, in this challenging version, the pace is faster, the obstacles are more unpredictable, and the stakes are higher.

To succeed in this game, you'll need lightning-fast reflexes, impeccable timing, and sharp focus. Stay alert as you navigate through the ever-changing tunnel, reacting quickly to avoid collisions and maintain your momentum. Each successful maneuver will earn you points and propel you further into the colorful abyss.

Some questions are of most interest in Color Tunnel

How do I control the ball in Color Tunnel?

To control the ball, you use simple controls. Typically, you can swipe left or right on your device's screen or tilt your device to move the ball accordingly. The goal is to avoid the colorful barriers and walls by maneuvering the ball through the tunnel.

How do I score points in Color Tunnel?

You score points by successfully navigating through the tunnel without hitting any obstacles. Some versions of the game may also award additional points for collecting power-ups or bonuses along the way.