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Stack Ball

Stack Ball is need to smash, bump and bounce the ball through revolving platforms to reach the final score without touching prohibited objects.

Roll the ball to break obstacles and conquer all challenges!

A ball that automatically bounces up and down on the platform at the top needs to be moved to the destination of the platform chain. Touch the screen, the ball will immediately jump down, the longer you press the screen, the ball's speed will gradually increase and reach a maximum speed that can break all platforms. Release your hand from the screen, the ball will immediately stop, stop moving and continue to jump down if you touch the screen again.

The important thing in this game is that you cannot let the ball touch a platform of a different color because otherwise your ball will break into many pieces. Only when reaching maximum speed, if you touch a platform of a different color, you will not be affected, so go carefully and pay attention to all your movements.

Graphics are the most special highlight of this game

Besides the tasks to do in the game, what attracts players is the constantly changing graphics. You will see that each challenge round is a different color, this creates a feeling of stimulation for players to focus on the game while also creating something new for players to experience.

Especially the scene where Hop Ball 3D reaches its maximum speed, emitting a very attractive flow of movement and creating eye-catching for the players. You can change the color of this light stream by changing them in the store as well as changing a different skin for your ball.