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Hop Ball 3D

Hop Ball 3D is an explosive musical game that controls the ball through challenging stairs. Follow the music and successfully complete all the songs.

Dance to the rhythm of music, breakthrough to conquer

Control a moving ball and jump over musical steps. Move the ball so that it completes the song completely. The challenge for you is that the stairs will not sit still so you can easily complete the challenge. They will move flexibly and you also need to move flexibly if you don't want the ball to fall off the stairs.

Flex the ball so that it can both complete the songs and collect all three stars. They represent your achievement in completing the challenge so try to get them all.

Not only challenging, the game will attract you with eye-catching 3D graphics. Neon colors follow each movement to increase stimulation for players. Along with that, smooth movements and beautiful effects create a lively music world.

The diverse and rich songs

In this game, you will experience many different songs corresponding to different rhythms. A variety of slow, fast, and moderate tempos for you to choose from. If you are new to this game, start from the first song with a normal tempo to get used to it. Gradually the challenge will increase with faster tempos, many songs have fast tempos to challenge experienced people. A series of vibrant and continuously updated EDM tracks, allowing you to freely adventure with music. Let's explode and overcome all the challenges that the game brings.