Stack requires players to have quick reflexes and good puzzle ability. You will be submerged in these challenges, build a tower as high as possible.

Stack - Challenging addictive game

With a simple interface and bright color graphics, Stack guides players to stack blocks correctly. Every time you place a block on the tower, part of the next block will appear to add more difficulty and variety to the game.

The game has simple but eye-catching graphics with colorful colors and smooth motion effects. The music and sound effects in the game are also designed to enhance the player experience, with melodious music playing every time you place a new block.

Every time you successfully stack a new floor, you will receive points and the tower will become taller. However, if you don't place the blocks correctly and they overlap or fall off the board, the game will end.

The speed of the game will gradually increase with faster sound. You also need to be more flexible with each tone. Listen to music by wearing headphones and focus on the game.

Similar game

A game with the same Stack genre called Stack The Burger also has similar gameplay. However, instead of stacking the foundation blocks, it is replaced with the ingredients in the hambuger. The sooner you arrange the correct and sufficient quantity of ingredients that an order requires, the more tips you will receive.