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Stack The Burger

About Stack The Burger

Burgers may be cooked quickly. The Stack The Burger game will show you how and what. You will master instant cooking and selling this food in a little cafe. Prepare more ingredients and make it faster. Young Tom makes burgers in a bistro. He was invited to a local culinary competition. Participants must make the biggest burger. Stack The Burger will help our hero prepare this cuisine. A moving hand with a clamped object will be visible above it. Drop it in the center of the table. Throw the following item on an already lying object. So make the biggest burger possible.

You may serve your customers while running on burgers and sell them to earn as they get from bigger stacks with colored burgers. You can serve your customers while running on with burgers. Put in place the multicolored burger stacking.


  • Quick loading time
  • A fascinating competition that will challenge you to solve a large number of challenges.
  • Graphics that are both new and delectable.

How to play

Use the MOUSE to play.