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Rope Color Sort 3D

Rope Color Sort 3D is an intellectual game with simple and uncomplicated gameplay. Interlace ropes of different colors and arrange them in fixed colors.

Rearrange the ropes

The ropes are arranged in haphazard colors and your task is to arrange them into rope clusters of a fixed color. The ropes are twisted into a core and this core contains many different colored ropes. Arrange the cores so that they contain only ropes of the same color.

Apply your intelligence in this game to find the fastest way to complete the level and take the least amount of time. The challenges get higher and higher as there are more cores and ropes, and it's up to you to complete them as quickly as possible.

Highlights of Rope Color Sort 3D

  • The sorting gameplay is simple, easy to understand, suitable for all ages.
  • Beautifully designed with colorful rope images, creating a joyful and relaxing feeling.
  • Gentle sound effects contribute to increasing the fun of the game.
  • Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty, providing a diverse and not boring experience.

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