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Merge Fruits

Merge Fruits is a simple game that does not require many operations, click to move and drop the fruit above to merge the fruits below into other fruits.

Simple way to play

True to its name, the mission of this game is to merge fruits to create larger, more valuable fruits. Starting from the smallest fruit with the smallest size as well as the lowest value, merge slowly, creating the fruit with the largest size and highest value. The more valuable fruits you create in Merge Fruits, the higher your score.

The way to play is simple, by clicking and pointing the mouse to move the fruit to the position you want, release it, and wait for the merge results. The important thing is how to merge to get the highest score.

One important thing to pay attention to is not to let the fruit fall out of the box. It seems like the invisible box is bottomless, but it will be full if you don't have the right strategy. If any fruit falls out of the box, the game will end. If you want to earn a lot of points, avoid letting the box fill up. After each time you play, try to get more points than the previous games to conquer and practice your intelligence.

Effective consolidation strategy

Merging fruit is not difficult, but to gain a lot of points, you need an effective playing strategy, so a playing strategy is essential. Players can have their own strategy to make their merging most effective. However, one of the most successful ways to merge is to arrange the fruits in order from smallest to largest and always leave the most valuable fruit standing still.