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Pipe Flow

Pipe Flow is a challenging logic game where the player becomes a trainee engineer, and needs to solve puzzles related to the construction of pipeline systems.

Pipe Flow: Logic puzzle game challenges the mind

The task to do is to connect pipes to create a path for the flow. Players need to rotate the pipes to create a complete path, ensuring the flow moves smoothly. The water pipes can move in four directions by clicking and bringing these water pipes together.

Finish assembling the water pipe before the water flows and leaks outside. In case you have completed the game but the water flows slowly, select Speed Up to quickly end the game to move on to a new challenge.

Not all water pipes have to be connected to each other, so choose to connect water pipes in the shortest way to save time and quickly open another challenge.

But don't underestimate it because the path is not sure to be the shortest. Some levels seem easy and concise but the handling is not necessarily concise and some levels seem complicated but the handling is concise and most important. It's still your ability to think and react.

Train your mind in this game

With its bright graphic design and vibrant colors, Pipe Flow is not only an entertaining game but also a great tool for brain training. It stimulates logical thinking and problem-solving ability while providing a healthy and positive entertainment space. Through this game you will also see your reflexes increase significantly, increasing your ability to complete challenges quickly. To conquer Tangram Grid, quick reflexes in all unpredictable situations are necessary and are trained through this game.