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Tangram Grid

Tangram Grid uses different shaped puzzle pieces to complete challenges. This game trains logical thinking, creativity and problem-solving ability effectively.

Exciting intellectual challenge with Tangram Grid

This is an engaging puzzle game that requires creativity, spatial reasoning and problem solving. With origins in ancient China, this game brings a modern innovation to the traditional tangram game.

You are challenged to arrange a set of colored geometric shapes called "tans" into a square grid divided into small cells. The goal is to reproduce specific patterns by arranging tans into a grid. These models can range from simple objects such as animals and plants, to complex patterns and structures.

The levels bring many new challenges

Each level in this game brings a new challenge, with different shapes and patterns from simple to complex. Players will have to rotate and move puzzle pieces, sometimes small squares, so that they fit into the required shape. This requires not only patience and logical thinking but also spatial awareness and creativity.

The game has nostalgic pixel graphics, creating a colorful and interesting playing space. With over 40 levels to explore, this game is an ideal entertaining experience for all ages. It not only helps exercise the mind but is also a great educational tool, helping players learn about geometry and proportions through solving real-life problems.

One of the most interesting aspects of this game is its focus on encouraging creativity. Although there can be a single result for each puzzle, there are many different ways to arrange the tans in the grid. This allows players to explore their artistic side and find alternative solutions, encouraging them to think outside the box.