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Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark is a battle for survival between ferocious sharks, even eating their own kind to survive. Explore the vast ocean and immerse yourself in life here.

Become the dominant shark

The battle between bloodthirsty sharks that can eat their own kind to become more mature. Looking at the vast, calm ocean, in fact, the war for life is extremely high here. If you don't want to become prey for others, you must be as tough and cold-blooded as any other opponent.

This shark-fighting game begins when you are a young, weak shark that can be killed at any time by your own kind. To survive, you only have to grow in size, and to do that you need to eat. Eat small fish first, then when you reach a certain size and feel big enough, really start the fight to eat your own kind to survive. By eating sharks smaller than yourself helps you grow in size faster. However, don't be too subjective because people bigger than you can sneak up on you at any time if you don't take precautions. As soon as you feel yourself in danger, immediately leave that area as quickly as possible.

In addition to this fierce battle for survival, you can also explore the vast ocean world with many unique areas such as brilliant coral reefs, mysterious shipwreck areas, and even bustling underwater cities. Each area contains secrets, challenges, and rare prey waiting for you to discover.

Over 30 different species of Sharks

The game brings you a collection of more than 30 different shark species, each with its own unique appearance and abilities. From fierce white sharks, and ferocious hammerhead sharks to legendary megalodon sharks, you can freely choose and upgrade your favorite shark to become the ruler of the ocean.

Have you reached the pinnacle of this game? If so, you can try another version of the same name called Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night to experience a new space under the ocean. The gloomy, dark atmosphere covers the original blue ocean and the battle of sharks with a variety of different skins is completely new compared to the original version.