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Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night

About Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night

Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night is a terrifying and bloody battle of vicious sharks. This is a community of extremely hungry sharks. You can become their food.

This can be considered a transnational war. You will fight hungry sharks in many different shapes from many different countries. This sea is dark, where only the negative, the most evil in the world can exist. Try to dominate the sea. Every other fish will have to tremble before your shark.

Endless battles in the game

Combat tricks

Methods to fight will be many. There are many methods of head-to-head combat, monitoring enemies from a distance, and attacking with a quick snap. Requires your manipulation to be extremely flexible and decisive to be able to tear the opponent to pieces.

Shark food

Food exists around the sea. From small colorful fish to bigger fish. The enemy sharks after death will also become delicious pieces of meat that contribute to the growth of your shark.

Potential dangers

Danger not only comes from enemies but can also come from other things. Do not think that the boom fruits will be delicious food. It will put you to sleep for a few seconds and the enemy will take advantage of the situation to attack you.

The bottom of the ocean is toxic blue waste, if you hide in it for too long you will also lose your life and lose. Every war has winners and losers. Be a winner instead.


  • Unique images from different sharks
  • Raise the importance of pollution from the marine environment
  • Notes on dangers from the sea


Move the mouse to let the shark swim and left click to attack the prey quickly