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Home Rush Draw To Home

Home Rush Draw To Home quickly go to the baby because he is crying. Draw lines for both parents so they don't touch each other and comfort the baby.

Draw the line Home Rush Draw To Home

A happy couple just had a baby and they absolutely love the child. As long as he cries, they will come immediately and comfort him to stop crying. However, there is a main obstacle: they cannot go to the baby themselves, so they need your help.

This innovative game wants you to draw a safe path from the starting point to the red house, and avoid obstacles along the way.

Time is an important factor that you need to pay attention to in this game. Because you need to complete the mission as quickly as possible before time runs out. In addition, obstacles such as wooden boxes, lifting poles, and vehicles will increase the difficulty of the game. Use your ingenuity to avoid them and create a safe route.

The control

You can use your finger or mouse to draw straight or curved lines to create paths.

Use and upgrade Hercules

Hercules is a useful tool to help you pass difficult levels. You will also see this tool again in Push The Colors, use it wisely to optimize your chances of winning. At the same time, don't forget to upgrade your characters with collected gems so they can move faster and be stronger.