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Push The Colors

Push The Colors need you to move across colored squares, overcome obstacles and go through colored portals to send colored blocks to their destination.

Specifically about Push The Colors

Change the color of the boxes

Change the color of the boxes by pushing them through color gates. Each gate will change the color of the box to the corresponding color, and you need to use this strategy to overcome obstacles and reach the goal.

Speed up

To deal with the time and increase your chances of winning, you need to collect lightning symbols along the way. They help increase your movement speed, allowing you to push faster and outpace your competitors.

Push monsters

At the end of each level, you will face colorful monsters. Your mission is to use the power of the colored boxes you have collected to push monsters out of the way. You need to press quickly and continuously to push them away and reach the goal.

How to control

This two-player game lets you and a friend go on this colorful adventure. And you need to know your direction of control.

Use the left/right arrow keys for player one to move flexibly to where you need. Collect other colored boxes and avoid obstacles.

Use A/D keys for player two

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