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Fight Simulator 3D

Fight Simulator 3D possesses realistic 3D graphics, powerful sound and diverse fighting mechanisms, it will bring you dramatic matches and endless challenges.

Lively confrontation in Fight Simulator 3D

Play as a victorious stickman warrior, weapon in hand, ready to face formidable opponents. Every match is a new challenge, requiring you to be agile and skillful to defeat your opponents.

Use fighting skills and special moves to attack and defend during gameplay. Use flexibility and strategy to defeat your opponents. As you progress and win, you will receive skill points and cash to upgrade your martial arts and equipment.

Control the character

  • Movement: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your character in 3D space.
  • Attack and defense: Press designated keys or buttons on the screen to perform attacks, hits, defenses or special skills.

Related game

Time Shooter and Fight Simulator 3D both give players a unique action experience in a 3D environment. Both games require players to react quickly and use smart strategies to overcome challenges. In Time Shooter, players use time as a weapon to dodge and kill enemies, while Fight Simulator 3D places players in 3D stickman fighting battles where they must fight for victory. Both games focus on using skill and strategy to achieve the end goal.

Another feature is that the game has the same fighting genre for those who are passionate about fighting. Don't hesitate to experience it right away, invite more relatives and friends to play or support you.