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Time Shooter

Time Shooter is a dramatic action game set in the world of time. Play as a time warrior and must fight evil enemies to protect the balance of time.

Sniper in Time Shooter

You need to go through many different levels with diverse goals and challenges. Face fierce monsters, timed puzzles and dangerous matches. To win, you need accurate shooting skills and skillful use of the power of time. Plan each shot and move carefully. You'll dodge enemy fire in slow-paced battles and use your time wisely to move across the map.

Tips for successful play

To become a successful warrior in the Time Shooter game, apply the following tips. First, carefully check your surroundings before moving. Observe carefully to avoid being surprised by enemies and find the ideal position to continue the action safely.

Next, prioritize destroying enemies that can attack from afar. Unless you're facing a dire situation, eliminate these enemies first. This helps reduce the risk of being attacked from afar and gives you an advantage during combat.

Choose the right weapon for each mission and situation. Depending on the enemy type and quantity, choose the appropriate weapon. For example, if you are facing a lot of enemies with guns, using an AK-47 can be a good choice for its powerful attack.

At the same time, always pay attention to surrounding enemies. Some enemies may be ready to shoot you immediately when you get close. So, always be careful and make a plan to avoid or deal with these enemies. Use walls or obstacles for cover and find a way to kill them safely.