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Emily Message in a Bottle

About Emily Message in a Bottle

Emily's past and present come together in a new, heartwarming adventure when she finds a message in a bottle from her younger self. Emily Message in a Bottle is a great time management game with lots of fun new characters and levels. Let's be with our character to complete the task.

Emily the world chef goes to Italy and this journey will change her life forever. This game is part of the Delicious series of restaurant games.

Emily gets a message in a bottle that tells her to go to a new country. There, she will run a new restaurant with delicious Italian food. Still, it's hard to be a manager. As you build up your restaurant, serve tasty food, and move through the story of Emily and her family. You'll have to play time and resource management games.

Now that Paige is fully better from her fever, life in Snuggford has gone back to normal. That is until the whole Napoli family finds out that Emily's missing grandpa, Vitto, is still alive and might be in Italy. Eduardo, Emily's father, is very upset about the news. He and his four brothers haven't seen their father in years, and they haven't seen each other either. It will be hard to get them back together... Will Emily be able to get everyone to come to the family dinner?


  • Italy Stories and Sun
    • The hit series follows Emily's narrative.
    • Culinary stories unfold as you fix Emily's restaurant.
  • Restaurant Games & Food
    • lots of restaurant scenarios
    • Food for everyone! Serve 200 delicious Italian foods including pizza, salad, and cake
  • Management & Cooking
    • 65 story levels with time management games
    • 26 bonus cookery levels
  • Messages from real people
    • Run through beautiful places to win trophies.
    • Uncover player messages.
  • Disappearing Items: Your cooking will help Emily reunite her family via food. Find hidden mice and objects. Find them all?

Establish a restaurant in lovely Italy for Emily's next chapter. Can you run a great Italian restaurant and reunite Emily's family?

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Released on

Aug 11, 2016


Use the mouse

The advantage of this Emily version

  • Meet the beautiful Emily when she was only 3 years old.
  • Conquer over 90 levels, including 65 story levels that are quite engaging.
  • Get to know the newest members of the Delicious family and cast of characters.
  • Help Emily find the secret ingredient and revive the family eatery.