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Emily Hopes and Fears

About Emily Hopes and Fears

In Emily Hopes and Fears game, Paige is struggling to overcome an unknown disease during the hottest summer on record. This situation is like a disaster. Emily, her mother, will stay by her side as Patrick, her father, embarks on an extraordinary journey through the Arctic in search of a mystical flower. This is the only known treatment for her condition. Will he be successful in rescuing his daughter? Make an effort to provide complete satisfaction to those who dine at their country-style restaurant in order to successfully accumulate sufficient funds. Give it your best shot!

This exclusive free online game has multiple stages. To advance, you must serve diverse customers during a single shift. Do not relax, receive orders with a smile, start cooking immediately, and serve customers quickly. Don't forget to collect your customers' payments and tips. You may also lose irate customers. To advance, you must meet a daily point goal and keep customers pleased.

This game features cool cooking game visuals. To get extra point bonuses, you must serve several orders in one trip, finish orders, collect payment from multiple clients at once, serve customers swiftly, complete the mini-challenge within a level, upgrade your restaurant, and add special goods to the menu.

The first 10 time management levels can be played for free, while the following 80 levels can be unlocked through gameplay.

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Release Date

January 9, 2017


  • Explore new restaurants in unfamiliar places.
  • Great recipes from kitchens all over the world
  • Deliver cookies, ice cream, and waffles to guests.


Use the mouse