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Brain Test 2

About Brain Test 2

Brain Test 2 is an upgraded puzzle game from Brain Test version. In part 2, there are many difficult puzzles that become more abstract. Try it out!

Our brains can freeze due to inactivity. Puzzle games play a very important role in developing logical thinking ability, and stimulating creativity in a strong way. Different from other normal games, Brain Test 2 is a game that is regularly upgraded with puzzles that will amaze you!

Experience when playing Brain Test 2

After playing Brain Test, you will feel its difficulty. But if you play all the levels in part 2, you will have a new feeling.

More adventures are opened:

  • Weight loss for Cindy
  • Help the thief escape from prison
  • Become a senior police agent
  • Live in the McBrain family
  • The role of a monster hunter

Complete the adventure with the best puzzle solution. Time will help you solve the puzzle. Don't worry, be patient the solution will appear. More adventures will be published by the publisher in the future. We also hope to join you.


Control the mouse to get the Brain Test 2 code