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Brain Test

About Brain Test

Brain Test is a language and brain game. The game requires a fairly high IQ. Without a superior brain, you will most likely fail and give up.

The game has tons of levels with fun and funny trick puzzles. If you cannot overcome them you can ask for support from your relatives and friends.

The smart way to play

Control methods and puzzles are not fixed. Force you to use your brain to answer puzzles. Each sentence is a different method of solving the situation. The quizzes are given in the English language. If you do not know this language, use language translator apps to make it easier to solve puzzles.

Sometimes the solution to the puzzle is so simple that you don't think of it. Try to think of it as simply as possible so that the answer can appear. I am sure you can do it.


  • That number of sentences is a lot for you to try
  • Simple but cute image
  • Boost your brain flexibility


Use the left mouse button to solve the puzzle