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Block Blast

Block Blast is a match-three puzzle game that offers players an exciting combination of strategy, making it a great game for anyone who enjoys thinking.

Challenge your mind with a colorful Block Blast

This block building game will bring you wonderful hours of relaxation while effectively training your brain. The goal of the game is to arrange colorful blocks to fill rows or columns on the board and score the highest score.

First, drag and drop blocks of different shapes onto the board. Place blocks of the same color next to each other to form full rows or columns. Full rows or columns will be removed, creating more space for you to place new blocks. Try to arrange the blocks so that there is always space for other blocks, and earn as many points as possible. When there is no more space, the game will end.

Planning your moves instead of moving randomly will help you optimize your score or clear difficult spaces. Creating combos by clearing multiple sets of blocks quickly can significantly increase your score and help you reach higher levels quickly.

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