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Basket Random

Basket Random is an arcade basketball game, with simple yet surprising gameplay. The game will bring you exciting and surprising basketball experiences.

Fun and challenging basketball game

Control a basketball player to throw the ball into the basket. The unique point of this game is that the ball basket will move continuously and change position randomly, forcing you to make accurate and technical throws. With each successful throw, you will receive points and have the opportunity to unlock new balls with special throwing abilities. By pressing the screen, move the character to the ball to give yourself an advantage, score before the opponent steals the ball and scores.

The game also uses random physical effects, creating unexpected and humorous situations when players try to score points. The game always creates surprises for many reasons, sometimes doing nothing can result in scoring and sometimes having a strategy may not necessarily result in scoring. Just simply play your best with the game and you will get surprising results.

Two-player genre game

The game can be played by two players if you choose two-player mode. Invite your friends to play with you to increase the appeal of the game. Show your chemistry with each other to score points together. In addition, after each victory, you can unlock new skins, replace them and experience these skins, because it also helps increase the fun of the game.

Basketball Stars is also a two-player game if you want to try a new game experience.