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Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars transform into basketball superstars, converging all over the world, in a two-player competition to compete for who is the best.

Transform into basketball superstars

In this game, you will witness many basketball superstars around the world, regardless of age or year, simply a collection of famous basketball characters here. Choose one of the characters you want, and your dream of becoming like a basketball superstar will come true. Two-player competition so you will compete against any opponents the game offers. Are you ready to transform into a basketball superstar to compete with many other basketball superstars?

Competition between basketball superstars

Are you prepared for the most thrilling and unprecedented competition? The two-player competition can be played against the computer or against friends. Choose any character, score more points than your opponent will become the winner. When the ball is thrown up, quickly grab the ball and throw it into the opponent's basket. You need to combine appropriate attack and defense for the ball to score. Observe and act carefully and thoroughly to limit unnecessary errors.

The game will become more fun if you play with friends, invite them to transform into basketball superstars like you and compete with each other to see who scores more points. Player one uses the WASD keys and player two uses the arrow keys to move his character. This two-player game is not only entertaining, but it also helps you train your game-playing mindset skillfully. Playing basketball not only applies in practice, but it can also help in the game. Hey, practicing sports in any aspect is very good.