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Wheely 8

Wheely 8 is considered an interesting puzzle game which is developed by Pegas Games. Complete what Aliens want and then come back with his girlfriend.

The description of the Wheely 8 game

The story of the game

In this game, the Wheely character has a great date with his girlfriend Jolie. They are ready to have a memorable picnic. However, when they are cooking for lunch on green grass. A UFO suddenly lands. Aliens in this UFO need Wheely's help to assist them to repair the UFO and get back home. Let's get ready to support the aliens as well as quickly return to the girlfriend.

Repair UFO in the game

As I mentioned earlier, your duty is to repair the UFO of the Aliens. In order to complete this mission, you first have to control Wheely to take the wood. Think carefully to be able to get enough of the necessary things before moving on to the next steps. There are a lot of steps and each one is a level in this game. Up to 12 levels are waiting for you.

Control: Use the computer mouse to play.

Some questions about Wheely 8

When did the game come out?

This game is launched in September 2016 and then updated in May 2018. After updating day, it appears as an HTML5 game and players can play it on every platform.

Is the game unblocked?

Like Gulper.io, this game does not have any limitations, so you do not need to worry about anything when playing this game. In addition, many players encourage their children to play this game because it is beneficial to their logic.