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Wheely is an ambitious red car that aspires to become a famous champion supercar. Make Wheely's dream come true by following the instructions.

Plot of Wheely game

Living in the world of cars, Wheely is a red car that is considered worthless, he is very sad about it. By chance, when he learned that there was an upcoming car racing competition, he aspired to become a popular and valuable champion. That's why he signed up for the contest and please help him make this wish come true.

How to become a champion in car racing

Before entering the race, you need to do a few preparations. Be well prepared and have a comfortable spirit to have a good competition. You will support Wheely to compete with many opponents from all over the world. The odds are very high, so you need to do your best to overcome many opponents and reach the final round. Because the aura of this competition is so great, there are many participants, eliminate all opponents to become the champion.

The competition has many rounds, these rounds will eliminate a certain number of players, try to fight and overcome many opponents to reach the final round, where it will be decided whether you can successfully realize your dream. or not. The rounds will become increasingly more difficult as the remaining opponents become stronger, and in each round there will be rewards, use them to upgrade your car in preparation for the next round.