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Wario Land 4

Wario Land 4 takes you on a dramatic journey with the famous villain Wario. Ready to explore a mysterious temple and rescue the gorgeous princess?

The story opens

Wario, a notoriously greedy man, was reading the newspaper when he discovered rumors of a huge treasure hidden inside the Golden Pyramid. Obsessed with the desire for wealth, Wario decided to set out to find this treasure. However, he did not know that he was about to face countless challenges and dangerous enemies on this journey.

Challenging adventure with Wario!

The key task to do is to find the huge treasure hidden inside the Golden Pyramid. But the way to the treasure is not simple, because other money-grubbing people have the same thoughts as you or the temple guards will prevent you from getting anything from there. Now use all your movement abilities or use transformation helmets containing special abilities to fight enemies. And the wisest way to get to the treasure stored in the Golden Pyramid is to follow the path with coins, they not only help you gain more assets but also get to the destination you are looking for.

The game has a non-linear structure, allowing you to explore different areas of the temple at will. Each area is uniquely designed with complex puzzles, mysteries, and monster battles. You need to use Wario's special abilities, such as transformation and augmentation, to overcome challenges and reach difficult areas.

Control buttons to remember


  • D-pad: Move Wario left, right, up and down.
  • Button A: Jump.
  • Button B: Press and hold to run quickly.
  • R button: Press and hold to move slowly.


  • A button: Press while Wario is in the air to perform a head throw.
  • B Button: Press while Wario is on the ground to perform a kick.
  • R button: Press and hold to charge energy for a stronger head throw.
  • L button: Press and hold to charge energy for a stronger kick.

Hat usage:

X button: Press to use Wario's current hat. Each type of hat gives Wario different special abilities.