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Victors Nightmares

About Victors Nightmares

Victor is a boy who doesn't like to sleep. This is because when he does, at night, he goes to a scary world of dreams where everything seems real. Some people might even think he is going to a different world. Victors nightmares are definitely scary, which is why he wants you to join him in this scary world and help him get out of them safely by playing the point-and-click adventure game called Victors Nightmares.

Liberation from fear

If you can face the Land of Nightmares together and he doesn't get too scared, you'll be able to get through it and his nights will be safe again. You can interact with the world around you by clicking on things to pick them up and putting them in your collection, where you can use them whenever you want. Just take it out of your collection and put it where you think it will be most useful.

How to play

In the first part of the game, there is a skeleton monster at a crossroads in what looks like a cemetery. You have to connect with the things around you to figure out how to get out of scary situations, and trust us when we say that you can't do that without exploring. We wish you all the best of luck and hope that nothing scares you and that Victor's monsters will lose.


Use the mouse