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Uno Online

About Uno Online

Uno Online is a card game with unique gameplay and colorful cards. Play with friends around the world, and combine cards strategically to win.

How to play

Each player kicks off a round with a hand of 7 cards, dealt one at a time. The remaining deck rests face-down in the center, with the top card flipped to initiate the discard pile. Your goal is to remove all the cards on the table and win against your opponent.

Special cards in the game Uno Online

+2 Card: This card can be any of the four colors and does a lot of damage to your opponents. The next player has to draw two cards from the deck and give up their turn. Once the +2 Card is in play, it can't be taken away.

Reverse Card: The Backwards Card can be any color, just like its +2 cousin. When it is used after a card of the same color or type, it cleverly changes the way of the game. This move can catch your opponents off guard and change the course of the game.

Turn Jump Card: This card, which comes in all four colors and gives you a tactical edge, is played after a matched card. Simple but strong, it makes the next person lose their turn. When you use this card to mess up your opponents' plans, timing is very important.

Joker or Colour Change Card: The Bonus Card or Color Change Card gives you a choice. It can be played after any card and lets you choose what color the next person has to play. Smartly using this card can change the way the game goes.

+3 Card: The +3 Card is a powerful addition to your deck that can be used with any color. It can be used after any card and forces the next player to draw three cards from the deck, lose their turn, and play cards of the same color as you. The +3 Card is unbeatable and has a strong mix of attack and defense.