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Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

About Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle

Troll Thief Stickman Puzzle is a game about the Stickman genre. The true nature of Stickman is extremely evil. In this version, he's even more destructive.

He will never ignore the benefits in front of him. And constantly stealing things to perform his prank. If the thefts are unsuccessful he will fail and be in quite a lot of danger. Do you want to be such a disruptive Stickman?

How to play the game?

Stickman's Disruption

When someone dropped a wallet. He will immediately pick them up and go out with his girlfriend. Or doing other pranks on the street, cheating in games, looking up at girls bathing and stealing their stuff, even robbing another stickman's car, etc. The thefts take place. out whenever he wants. He also saves beautiful girls sometimes. This is also a good deed, please help him!

Tips in the game

Thanks to his long hands, he can use them around objects such as public fire hydrants, trees, and walls,... It will help you quickly get to the object you want to get easily and without getting caught.


Manipulate with the mouse by extending the stickman's hand to get items