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Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is a first-person motorbike racing game that allows players to experience the feeling of navigating crowded streets at high speeds on a motorbike.

Become a skilled motorcyclist in Traffic Rider

Become a motorcyclist and participate in races on city and country roads. The goal is to steer your motorcycle through intersections, avoiding cars, trucks, and other vehicles, while trying to go as far as possible and get the highest score possible.

You will go through many levels and unlock new motorcycle models. You can customize and upgrade your motorbike using the coins you earn. Upgrading your motorcycle will give you more speed, faster acceleration, and better performance, helping you achieve better results in races.

How to control a motorbike

If you want to move sideways, press the A-D keys.

If you want to speed up, use a W key.

Game modes

Traffic Time mode: This is the basic game mode, driving through crowded roads with traffic. Overtake the vehicles and move as far as possible. You will face challenges such as slow-moving traffic, traffic lights, and other cars changing lanes.

Traffic Ride mode: This mode is similar to the Traffic Time mode but without the time pressure. You can relax and enjoy the ride in the crowded city without having to worry about time or score. This mode allows you to experience freedom and explore your surroundings without restrictions.

Time Trial mode: This is a time challenge mode. You will compete against time to complete the levels as quickly as possible. This mode aims to overcome challenges and beat your own or other players' time records on the online leaderboards.

Free Ride Mode: A mode that allows you to explore the environment in Traffic Rider without specific constraints or goals. You can freely move on the roads, enjoy the landscape, and learn about the details of the city. This mode is especially suitable for those who want to experience space without having to race or face challenging elements.