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Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask is an action game, transform into a brave adventurer, enter a mysterious tomb filled with dangerous traps and valuable treasures.

Explore mysterious tombs, conquer endless challenges!

Control the character to move through challenging levels, overcome obstacles, destroy enemies and search for the final treasure. Your first task is to find your way through the maze, avoiding walls and obstacles. Navigate your character through the corridors and find your way to your destination.

Collect gold coins is the second mission. During the move, try to collect as many gold coins as possible. Gold coins are placed in different locations on the map, and collecting them will help you increase your score and unlock the next levels. Be careful with obstacles and monsters, use your speed and reflexes to avoid collisions and not lose points.

Always overcome difficult challenges. Each level in this game poses unique challenges. You will encounter walls of obstacles, traps and monsters. Learn and find ways to overcome them by choosing the right direction of movement and using your speed wisely.

The challenges are increasingly difficult

The game has countless levels with increasing difficulty, guaranteed to bring you new and challenging experiences. Each level is a new adventure, leading you to discover the mysteries and traps hidden deep in the tomb. The game also places emphasis on the player's speed and reflexes. You must move quickly, react flexibly and make quick decisions to avoid collisions and survive in dangerous environments.