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Thumb Fighter

Thumb Fighter is a simple yet incredibly fun fighting game where you use your thumb to fight your opponents. Hit constantly until your opponent cannot thumb up.

Gladiator's thumb

In this game, you will participate in a one-on-finger battle, where you try to lock your hands and fight to win the highest position. You can choose to play with funny fingers, including Blinky, Bobbie, Red Bro, or Batthumb. Wait for the opponent's finger to lie down and then you jump on it. Hold an L or A key for a long time until the opponent is unable to stand up. If you can do that, you win this thumbfight. You can play Thumb Fighter in the browser to prove AI is the real finger champion.

The game can be played again many times and does not impose any conditions, simply fight the couple to find out which thumb to win. Moreover, this game offers a two-player game mode, so you can invite your friends to take part in the thumb fight in this game. The game is inspired by the real thumb game, but it has added many interesting features such as customizing your thumbs to make them more impressive.

Additional information

Before the competition, you can change the appearance of your thumb by changing the shape of the nails, decorations, and accessories for your fingers to become more vivid. Once completed, start the battle of your thumb.

On the screen of the two players with the attack button, take advantage of the opponent's loophole to overwhelm them to win.