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Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is the perfect choice for those who want to participate in a fun journey with the brave stickman. Overcome all obstacles to conquer all levels.

The playing instruction of Stickman Hook

Use the hook to swing over obstacles, cling to platforms, and move flexibly to avoid dangerous holes or abysses and reach the finish line safely. You don't always need to use every hook that appears on the way, choosing the right hook to swing will be the key to victory.

In addition, some obstacles can hinder you but can also help you overcome challenges, and flexibly observe the rhythm to complete the challenge. The pace of the game becomes faster with each level, requiring you to have quick reflexes and accurate judgment to overcome all challenges.

With more than 100 levels, you are free to explore and conquer. Each level is designed to challenge your rope swing skills and requires agility and good reflexes. You will need to calculate each jump and swing to ensure you do not fall into the abyss or collide with obstacles.

Unlock new skins

At certain levels, if you complete them successfully you will unlock one of any new skins. This is fairly similar to JumpFall.io. There are also many skins in this game, unlock them all and test each skin to have other interesting experiences that the skin brings. The appeal of constantly changing skins will help you feel always new while playing.