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Stick Fighter

Stick Fighter is a dramatic fighting action game where players have the opportunity to show off their fighting skills through stickman characters.

Fight with opponents in Stick Fighter

The main task

You need to defeat your opponent in a series of matches using a combination of fast and powerful attacks, while defending against their attacks. The game requires players to move flexibly, avoid enemy attacks and find favorable positions to perform effective attacks.

Diverse and unique character system

This game brings you a diverse character system with more than 50 different characters from swordsmen, archers to warriors using kicks. Like Ragdoll Archers each character possesses unique skills and fighting abilities, creating diversity and variation in gameplay.

You can choose a character that suits your playing style, from agile attackers to strong defenders. Customize and upgrade your character, unlocking new skills and more powerful equipment with each match.

Multiplayer mode is the main feature

Multiplayer mode in this game allows players to compete with friends or other players over a network connection or on the same device. In this mode, you can fight 1v1 or participate in group matches, depending on the version of the game you are playing.

Matches often take place in a fast environment and require extremely quick reflexes. Players will use the control keys to perform attacks, jumps, and dodges, trying to take down their opponents. Multiplayer mode brings excitement and thrill when you can confront other players directly, instead of just against AI in single player mode.