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Slice Masters

Slice Masters cuts all objects with a knife. If you don't want the game to end, don't let the knife touch the ground and spikes on the road.

Cut everything with a knife

The game requires you to move the knife from one end to the destination at the other end and in the process cut all the objects on the way. Fruits like watermelon, coconut, lemon, etc; utensils such as wooden sticks, money, etc.; Confectionery such as cakes, donuts, etc. can be cut. And they have different values and what you need to keep in mind is to cut everything as much as possible to get maximum points. However, two things you need to be careful not to do again are touching the spikes and touching the ground, because they will end the game and all previous efforts will have to be redone.

The game doesn't stop there, because at the end of the finish line there is still a small challenge which is an additional bonus. The addition, subtraction, multiplication and division boxes will be mixed and if you want to add points, move the knife into the addition and multiplication boxes. However, sometimes the game can't go your way if it accidentally hits the division subtraction box. Gray boxes without numbers ticked do not get bonus points. Change dramatically by increasing your points, and use that money to change your skin.

Diverse skins for knives

There are a total of nine different weapons and you need a certain amount of money to unlock them. Each exchange has a different value and the weapon received is also a random weapon. To increase the appeal of the game, try all the weapons in the game because they have different characteristics and you will find it interesting to explore.