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Skirt Rush 3D

What do you do in Skirt Rush 3D?

Dressing up is fun for all girls in Skirt Rush 3D game. Every stylish person has her own style and favorite things to wear. Someone prefers trousers and athletic style, someone enjoys dresses. However, our heroine just loves skirts! In her closet, you can find the trendiest skirts in every style and every color of the rainbow. For a fashionista, there is no limit to how perfect something can be. Besides, our friend wants to buy even more skirts to add to her collection and make it perfect. Let's help her!

In the Skirt Run 3D game, you will run the most stylish race in the world. The girl will move forward on her own, and you have to control her to move around the obstacles on the podium with skill. There will be sharp scissors all over the path. If you run into one, you could cut your skirt. If this has already happened, try to get more yarn so you can fix your thing quickly. Pick up diamonds as you go. You can get a new outfit or haircut with their help. Have fun and good luck!

Some more information about the game


April 2022.


  • Web Browser (PC)
  • Android / iOS (Mobile)


Use the mouse, tap, or use the arrows