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Rolling Ball

Welcome to the Rolling Ball game in which you take the responsibility of controlling the direction of a rolling ball. Don't let the ball roll down the platform.

The rules of the Rolling Ball game

This game requires you to navigate the ball rolling on dangerous platforms. The ball auto roll and never stops. If you don't control the direction of this ball, it will fall down the platform. Therefore, your mission in this game is to help the ball roll as far as possible. In the case that the ball takes away from the platform, the game ends. Therefore, be careful! Besides, it's highly recommended that you should collect the power particles along the platforms. They increase your score.

How to control: click the left mouse button to change the direction of the ball.

The playing platform of the game

The platform where you play this game is a dangerous place. It is zigzag and narrow. As a result, if your reflex is not fast and in time, the ball falls down. In addition, it is harder to play when there are speed boosters there. The ball rolls on the speed booster symbols. The speed of the ball will be faster. Don't worry if you get to fail the first time, let's practice and you will conquer it like the Geometry Dash Lite game.

In particular, there are a lot of different and beautiful skins for platforms and balls. You will be attracted by their beauty. However, some of them may be difficult for you to conquer because it is hard to follow them when the speed of the ball is fast.