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Real Football

Real Football: Show how well you can shoot from the penalty spot!

Real Football is a new soccer game in which players may hone their talents by practicing penalty kicks and then competing against one another. Start to show off their prowess!

Get ready to train and take on new tasks. First, make sure you play whole moves to get the ball into the goal. At the start of your training, you stand alone in front of the goal and can practice shooting and pointing. Then you shoot at a goalie, who you have to get around. Later, you'll have a partner who can help you score a goal if you pass the ball to him. However, your opponent doesn't just stand. He will try to prevent your action. In later rounds, more players will join them on the field.


Real Football is from Gameloft SE.

Release Date

March 27, 2023


  • Many game modes.
  • Customize your team
  • Many awards and trophies.
  • Easy controls
  • Fun game

How to play

Drag the mouse or your finger to play. A little line will appear to guide your aim. Your shot power depends on how far back you drag the mouse.